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Balloon Educational Events in 2017

Brody's Balloon Stock is a Mobile Balloon App!!

It's called Brody's Balloon Stock and is available in the App Store or Google Play for $10.00. Buy it and download it and we will give you back $20.00 on your first purchase using the app.

This app is available for both Android and Apple devices on their respective app stores. What does this new app do? Good question. Right now, it is possible to order latex and decorator foil balloons by color or name.... Brody's Balloon Stock can keep track of balloon inventory and even help you gather your balloons for a specific balloon job.

The app can scan barcodes and either add the product to your order or add or subtract bags from your inventory. There is a short training video that will help you understand all that Brody's Balloon Stock can do for you.

It is also possible to use Brody's Balloon Stock to organize your thoughts while waiting in line at the grocery store, then place your order on our website BrodysBALLOONS.com, Call or fax in your order, if you prefer. Download the app for 10 bucks and get 20 bucks back on your first purchase! Brody's Balloon Stock doesn't have invisible Pokemon, or blow stuff up, but it might make you a lot more efficient and make ordering balloons more fun. It might even make you so efficient that you'll have time to go for a bike ride. We do not recommend ordering balloons while riding a bicycle.

Balloon Training Institute
A 6-day, balloon training program.
Here is the information about these intense classes.
Call Ben Rines at 865-654-3200
for more information and to reserve your spot.

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