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Brody's 800-4-Balloons stocks HI-FLOAT.
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ULTRA HI-FLOATŪ 5 Ounce with Pump, Price Per EACH HI-FLOATŪ Pump Dispenser Kit Reusable, Price Per EACH SUPER HI-FLOATŪ 96oz, Price Per EACH ULTRA HI-FLOATŪ 96oz, Price Per EACH
Brody's Price: $4.90
Brody's Price: $5.75
Brody's Price: $32.95
Brody's Price: $32.95
5 Ounce ULTRA HI-FLOAT HI-FLOAT® Pump Dispenser Kit Reusable, Price Per EACH SUPER HI-FLOAT® 96oz ULTRA HI-FLOAT® 96oz
Item Number: UHF5 Item Number: HFP Item Number: SHF96 Item Number: UHF96
ULTRA HI-FLOATŪ PINT with Pump, Price Per EACH ULTRA HI-FLOATŪ 24oz, Price Per EACH HI-FLOATŪ Outlet for Dual Sizer/Duplicator 2, Price Per EACH Helium/HI-FLOATŪ ADAPTER, Price Per EACH
Brody's Price: $8.50
Brody's Price: $9.95
Brody's Price: $40.32
Brody's Price: $55.06
ULTRA HI-FLOAT® PINT with Pump ULTRA HI-FLOAT® 24oz We love this one! Helium/Hi-Float ADAPTER
Item Number: UHFP Item Number: UHF24 Item Number: 36320A Item Number: 36400A
There is a black restriction clip for the HI-FLOAT Pump Dispenser specifically for use with 60/40 helium regulators.  Conserving helium remains a top priority for the balloon industry.  HI-FLOAT Company research shows that using ULTRA HI-FLOAT and inflating an 11-inch latex balloon with 60% helium and 40% air or nitrogen produces a balloon that floats for three or four days.  Without ULTRA HI-FLOAT, the same balloon would float for 16 hours on average. This technique saves 40% of helium costs and makes happier customers with longer floating balloons. In addition to conserving a valuable resource, the savings on helium more than pays for the cost of the ULTRA HI-FLOAT-increasing profits! The black restriction clip is included in new HI-FLOAT Pump Dispenser Kits. 
 For a free, black, restriction clip, just ask;
 Brody's will add it to your order.


To treat an 11-inch latex balloon using a 60/40 regulator,
follow these steps:

1. Add ULTRA HI-FLOAT to an 11 inch balloon
using the new black restriction clip on the pump dispenser.

2. Rub the balloon to spread the HI-FLOATŪ and inflate with a 60/40 inflator
on your helium tank.

The key to success:  adding enough helium for the balloons to float initially.  
Make sure to fully inflate the balloon. 
If the balloon floats immediately, it will float for at least three days.

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