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How to Assemble a Mardi Gras Mask Using Anagram's Crescents and Curves!
Last Updated: 9/13/2021
Assembling the Anagram Mardi Gras Mask is easy!
You need:
2- 162448.....26 inch crescent holographic foil
2- 162618.....42 inch curve holographic foil
2- ...................foil balloon weights your choice of color
4- 4 inch air-filled star foils in your choice of color
2- 9 inch air-filled stars in your choice of color
tape...clear packing tape
ML-PSC-40...monofilament line
lots of curling ribbon
  • Helium fill the 26 inch curves and secure the balloons to the balloon weights using the mono-filament line. Make sure that the balloons are at the same height so your mask floats level to the floor. We like to roll up the valves and tie them up with the mono to hide them.
  • Tape the top corner of the crescents together. They are the nose bridge of the mask.
  • Now Helium fill the 42 inch curves and tape the valves together.
  • Tape the crescent cluster to the curves cluster. The balloons don't always behave, so they need to be encouraged to go where they need to be to look right.
  • Use the glue dots to secure the crescents to the bottom of the curves.
  • Tape the tails of the stars so the stars look like stars and not lollipops.
  • Put glue dots on the taped tail side of the air-filled stars and attach the stars to the bridge of the nose of the mask and at the temple joints. Use the 9 inch stars for the nose bridge and the 4 inch stars for the temples. The stars go on both sides so the mask floats straight and is viewable from both sides.
  • Add lots of ribbons to the outermost point of the curve and let the ribbon cascade down.
  • The mask is done.
Look at the Mardi Gras Mask to follow along with the instructions.
The finished mask is about 7 feet wide and about 3-1/2 feet tall.

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